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Goodbye,​ It was a great ride!

My last day at will be Monday, August, 8.

Right now we’re in the countdown to the Olympic Games. We’ve accomplished a lot in this last year. We’ve worked hard on the Live Architecture so we could have one fantastic Olympic Games coverage.

One of the first changes we’d agreed to make about a year ago was to scale the Live API, which one of the main routes give’s the playable URL to the user, taking into consideration his latitude and longitude to provide him with the correct stream. Using Ruby, we were relying on the MySQL Geometry Functions to do all the work. Since Alexandre Martins and I had a lot of experience with Scala, we chose to create a POC using Scala with Finagle and present to the team. Result: We started to do all the calculations in memory, because of these changes on our benchmarks we’ve jumped from ~450 requests per second to ~3,000 requests per second in a single unit, the response time dropped from 80–100 ms to <15 ms and we also made it amazingly fault tolerant. We also started counting on Tsuru (A Docker-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) built inside Globo) for auto-scale and Blue-Green Deployment.

When we concluded this first step, we had to scale up a surprising number of other systems and our Cassandra Cluster.

After all these changes, we needed events with a high number of viewers to test our throughput and see if our changes would cause any collateral damage. The political crises which heated up in March 2016, helped us to overcome our worries since we had transmissions with more than 400,000 viewers. Our changes to the architecture prove to have a significant positive impact on Live video delivery.

And now the Olympic Games have begun. We’re euphoric with everything we have done and feeling accomplished with the results.

But now, It’s time to say goodbye. I had an incredible time with all of you.